Dale Carnegie Youth Training

  1. Build Greater Self-Confidence
  2. Strengthen People Skills
  3. Enhance Communication Skills
  4. Develop Leadership Skills
  5. Reduce Stress and Improve Our Attitude





“My confidence changed so much to the point where I was able to have people skills and leadership skill. I was able to do that without any self doubt.”

“I gained a lot of new friends that have become a family.”


“If it wasn’t for this training I could never gain any of these skills.”

“More confident, brave, better leader, and it pushed me out of my comfort zone!”

“I will have the skills of eye contact with people in future job interviews.”

“I will do better in school and be better prepared career wise.”

“I have a large support system here. I will be more open with new people I meet.”

“My life changed from this experience.”

“I am able to stand up tall and be confident in who I am because of this!”

“I am able to communicate with anyone.”


“I’ve learned to put a positive spin on life and view things as being half full.”

“I will use my new confidence in school and athletics.”

“It helped me be better with presentations and interviews.”

“I have been able to grow as a person and be more confident about myself. Also I have been able to build stronger connections between people.”

“I gained the ability to control my nervous energy when speaking. It will help me control my fears when going further in school and on the field.”


“It has helped with getting my thoughts and ideas out more clearly and directly.”

“Having the communication skills and confidence will benefit my future when meeting new people and group projects in school.”

“I enjoyed becoming more outgoing and making new friends.”

“I’m very shy but I was able to get out of my comfort zone.”

“The self confidence that I gained in myself was most valuable from this training.”


“I will apply these skills to my whole new life style.”

“I enjoyed making new friends and becoming a better human being.”

“The most valuable thing from attending this training is meeting new people and now feeling like a family. But I did this by opening up and having confidence.”

“I really needed this confidence so I can bring out the real me.”

“I am 80% less shy and 90% more outgoing. I will apply the skills I’ve learned in each interaction I have going forward. I enjoyed the activities that brought us closer. I want this program to be longer.”

i-sVFV7Hv-XL“I enjoyed coming everyday knowing that everyday would be safe and fun.”

“The ‘family’ I created here was so amazing. They were very inspiring. I just fell in love with everyone in here.”

“I enjoyed the people and how Jessica and Freddie pushed us to be our best.”

“I’m so inspired to have been able to change in 4 days!”

“The most valuable thing was being able to find my voice and be able to speak from the heart.”



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