Breaking Down the Walls

“It’s hard to hate someone whose story you know.”

Breaking Down the Walls, a program designed to create a safe environment for students to build empathy and understanding through their “play, trust, learn” model. By first helping students laugh together, they start to trust one another, and eventually want to learn from those outside their normal friend group. The intention of the workshops is to leave everyone with the realization we are truly BETTER TOGETHER!

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Thirty years ago, school culture expert Phil Boyte created an experience for a school in California that needed to intentionally build student to student connections. That experience became known as Breaking Down the Walls and, to date, Breaking Down the Walls has impacted over 1,000,000 students across North and Central America.

The Breaking Down the Walls program provides a unique opportunity for students to re-connect and create empathy for one another, build social awareness, and form meaningful relationships, thus improving their social and emotional learning (SEL) skills.

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